4/18/17...Traditions and Praying

Hey y'all! Happy Easter!! 

This week has been so great! I have really seen how much my teaching has improved and I really enjoy it now! Last Tuesday I was asked to give the opening prayer to the devotional with around 800 missionaries attending, so that was pretty cool. Also, one of my "investigators" committed to get baptized on May 12th! It's so awesome to see how their faith grows and how their relationship with God gets stronger each time we meet. 

I learned an important lesson this week, even though we are probably teaching people who are already members of the church, they still have real questions and real concerns. Through us teaching them we can really help them strengthen their testimony of the Gospel. I also learned that before I can convert some one else, I have to be my own convert. I have to know that this is true, and I have to love it, because if I don't, then the people I teach will notice that. I can testify that this is indeed the true gospel of Christ. The very same gospel he had when he lived on the earth. The Holy Spirit has confirmed that truth to me. I also know that while teaching, if you just open your mouth, Heavenly Father will fill it with words. There are some days where Sister McCarthy and I come out of lessons, and we can't remember a lot of what we said, but we can remember how we felt, and that is truly what counts.

I think one of my investigators is actually a non member, but I can't really tell. She asks such great questions, plus during our lesson yesterday, she said the S word, which doesn't mean a whole lot, but I still think she might not actually be a member. So it's really cool to see how much her faith has grown! We are going to ask her to get baptized tomorrow! 

I got a new investigator yesterday as well! She's a cute old lady and basically teaches herself! Everything we say she says "that makes sense!" It was so fun to teach her and I can't wait to teach her again.

I pray a lot. Probably around 20 times a day, and it honestly truly helps. I know that my Heavenly Father answers my prayers, I can't deny the answers I get from him every single day.

The Easter devotionals on Sunday were great! Elder Oaks came, which was amazing. He walked in the room as all the 800 missionaries were singing "I believe in Christ" and we all stood up simultaneously. It gave me chills and I felt the spirit so strongly. We also had the privilege of having Sheri Dew speak! I love her! She talked about the importance of questions and how they can help strengthen a testimony.

My district is so funny. There are all these rumors about different traditions going around, like one is that you have to smell a tree because it smells like cream soda (apparently that's been around for years) and my district wants to make up our own traditions, so the elders have tried really hard, but nothing has been sticking 😂

One week from today I will be in Mississippi! That's kinda crazy, but I am so excited!!! I truly cannot wait to go serve and teach the people there.

One thing that I think is funny is that my branch president kinda looks like Donald Trump, and the first counselor looks like Bernie Sanders 😂

Quote of the week "why do people even do drugs, when they could just teach the gospel? It's the best type of high with no negative side effects, just happy miracles" -Sister McCarthy

Anyway hope you all are well, and I would love to hear from everyone!
Sister Dean