April 11, 2017 ... And so my adventure begins..

 This week has kinda been a roller coaster of emotions. By the
second day, Sister McCarthy and I were already teaching
"investigators" they were really our teachers acting like them though,
so that was kinda scary, but not too bad. Yesterday we started
teaching more investigators. We don't know if they are members or not,
but they act like they aren't. By the end of each lesson, we had
already invited them to baptism, and they said they would pray and
think about it! So that was awesome! They may not have been the best
lessons, but the spirit was so strong, and that's what counts.

Last night, we had to say goodbye to half of our zone who are going
out to the field. I look up to those sisters so much. Two of them,
Sister Bugg and Sister Tilton are both going to Salt Lake, so say Hi
to them for me if you see them! They have really helped me through
this first week so I am going to miss them so much!

I also love my district! It includes the three sisters I room with,
and another 4 elders. By the second day, we were already calling each
other family. And they truly have become my family. Also, Elder
Cummings is from Louisiana, and has a deep southern twang, so I'll
have my accent down before I even get to Mississippi! The Lord knows
what he is doing, so trust in him, and everything will work out for
the better. Love you guys! Hope everything is well with y'all!

Love, Sister Dean